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Ferro Titanium

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Ferro Titanium was first discovered in the year 1798 by W Gregor while experimenting with Ilmentile mineral and was partially purified to be used in industrial applications by H. Moissan in 1895. The increasing demand of the mineral in metal processing industries has inspired us to dwell in mining and trading of this metal. Today, we are listed among the leading Ferro Titanium Mining and Trading Corporations based in Faridabad, India. We offer exceptional quality Ferro Titanium Alloys that are mined from best mines and processed using advanced machines to remove all forms of impurities. Named after the greek god Titanes, the Ferro Titanium provided by us appears lustrous white in color and exhibits excellent chemical as well as physical properties.

  1. Low density
  2. Good strength
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance
  4. Lustrous white color
  5. Easy to process


  1. Used as additive for making special steel & flux-cored wire
  2. Used in fabrication of Aerospace Vehicles and Aircrafts both military and commercial
  3. Used in Steel and Stainless Steel Processing units
  4. The oxide of titanium is widely used in paints, varnishes, and lacquers
Available in following specifications (Composition for purity and impurity)
  • FeTi: 68%-72% min, Al: 4.5% max, Si: 1.5% max, S: 0.03% max, P: 0.04% max, C: 0. 2% max, V: 2% max
  • FeTi: 30%-40% min, Al: 9.5% max, Si: 3% max, S: 0.03% max, P: 0.04% max, Cu: 0. 4% max, C: 0.1% max
  • FeTi: 25%-30% max, Al:8.5% max, Si: 5.0% max, P: 0.05% max, S: 0.025% max, C: 0.15% max, Cu:0.4% max
  • FeTi: 40% min, Al: 5% max, Si: 1.0% max, P: 0.02% max, S: 0.02% max, V: 0.5% max, Mn: 0.5% max

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