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titanium ore

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We are proud to offer premium quality Titanium Ore, which is processed from raw Rutile (titanium dioxide) and Ilmenite (iron-titanium oxide). First discovered in 1887 in impure form, Prospecting Titanium Ore since then has come long way and has found application in numerous industrial applications. Processed using latest technology and machines using cathode processing technique, our Titanium Ore Prospecting has been termed as the best in terms of quality, purity and chemical as well as physical properties. The faith and belief placed in us by our valued customers has further inspired us to offer best Titanium Ore which has no other alternative in the market.

Extraction Process

  1. Chlorine Gas treatment to produce titanium tetrachloride
  2. Purification and reduction processing via magnesium and sodium reaction to make metallic titanium sponge
  3. Sponge is further blended with alloying agent after vacuum melting
  4. Carved into different shapes
Composition (in %)
  1. TiO: min 49%
  2. Fe2O3: max 14%
  3. FeO: 28%
  4. H2O: max 0.5%
  5. P: max 0.055%
Widely used
  1. In aerospace industry
  2. To add weight and strength to aluminium and iron
  3. To make metals resistive to corrosion

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